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Our moments

Unique moments are very important to us, and we know that our clients want to experience something extraordinary and expect only the best. That’s why we love to add local spices and those intimate moments of privacy to each itinerary. Such as a unique culinary tasting experience, insight into the local art scene, dipping in a geothermal pool out in the middle of nowhere or a stay in a remote cabin with friends or family. It’s that one special moment that makes the whole difference and turns a holiday into an unforgettable experience

Who we are

TRAVEX is the smallest and the most personal private tour operator and local ground handler in Iceland.
We are two owners of the company and our names are Adee and Gudjon.
Both of us have years of experience in customer oriented businesses where a personal touch plays a big part and good problem-solving skills are very important.
We are committed to providing a highly professional service to our clients, ensuring they benefit from our experience, unique style, and energy.

How we operate

We are a certified operator and a local ground handler in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Each vehicle we operate is owned by TRAVEX and are the latest model certified by the transportation authorities. Our carefully selected team of driver guides make all the difference. They provide an experience that is both personal and friendly and so often provide that little extra to the trip that makes all the difference. We operate every trip with the utmost of thoughtfulness, care and attention to detail, resulting in an unforgettable experience.

Add a dash of spice


Culinary walk

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The art scene

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City explorer

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Your private tour operator in Iceland


Our privately driven vehicles are the latest models and selected to provide the optimal travel experience for our clients.
Range Rover Sport 2017
Volvo XC 90-T8 2018
BMW 7 series 2017
Mercedes V-class 2016-2017
Mercedes E-class 2016-2017
High-end minibusses
All our vehicles have complimentary highspeed 4G WI-FI. Share your trip instantly with friends and family.

Ready for profitable cooperation.

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The personal touch


Adee Stefansson:
Tel. +354 771 1555

Gudjon Hauksson:
Tel. +
354 862 2525

Email us:

Fjolnisvegur 1, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
REG id. 500616-0830

We LOVE the adventure


The magical island of fire and ice, with
astonishing natural beauty.
A place where every turn brings
another mystifying natural wonder
impossible to describe. A land of
baffling, beautiful contradictions, that
is quickly becoming one of the worlds
hottest travel destinations.